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LED spotlight 3W Cold Light and Hot walkable recessed Outdoor 3x1w

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  • Product Model: FS-3B-3X1W
  • Condition: New
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Spotlight 3W LED floor recessed outdoor led floodlight Driveway 3x1w Floor, driveway and waterproof IP65Spotlight 3W LED floor recessed. Can be used as a path light from the outside and the inside. LED technology offers maximum efficiency and minimum power consumption, high brightness, long life, brilliant color, and simplicity of installation.Total diameter 100 mm with light colours to select from.


  • Height 90 mm
  • cold light, neutral
  • Total diameter 100 mm
  • The hole for the built-in 95 mm - 99 mm
  • Recessed driveway with 3 power leds
  • Floor, driveway and waterproof IP65
  • Suitable for external environments (gardens, paths, fountains, swimming pools)
  • Built-in box included
  • Rim alloy aluminum
  • Glass screen
  • Power supply 220V
  • Built-in LED with the spotlight, bulbs are not interchangeable


Package contents:

  • 1 LED spotlight 3W

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