Easy Guide Tube LED T8 to replace traditional tubes Neon

Easy guide how to replace the neon tubes with Led to save a lot on the electricity bill of light.

HOW TO REPLACE THE LED TUBES? (how to replace led tube?) - It is very simple and does not need the intervention of a specialist.
With this guide I try to be more concise and simple as possible.

STEP 1 - Remove the neon tubes and starters available on the ceiling.

STEP 2 - insert the tubes, leds and try to turn them on with the current. If you turn correctly then you have already finished. (if you do not turn on follow step 3)


You do not need this step if the tubes already work correctly.

- if the tubes do not light up properly, then it flashes the light, or it lights up very little.
You have to exclude the reactor exists, and then create a direct connection to the tube leds.

What are the LED Tubes:
The word LED tubes will surely come in the mind of the now old and inefficient fluorescent tubes ( or fluorescent), in fact these particular tubes to LED come to replace this type of light source is very widespread, but contrary to what you all think, is not very efficient. LED tubes can be mounted in place of any neon, with some of the quick trick allowing energy savings of over 40%.

Applications LED Tubes:
The application of these LED tubes is basically one, and that is to replace the neon traditional providing greater efficiency and significant energy savings, and also a longer life of the device, by going to save on the manuenzione of the plant. This means that LED tubes can be used wherever there is a neon that is for example:

  • In offices and warehouses,
  • In hospitals,
  • In covered parking lots,
  • In shopping malls,
  • in the domestic sphere.

Advantages of LED Tubes

Why is it better to illumiare with LED Tubes:
The reasons to switch to LED lighting are many, here are a few:

  • Energy saving, from 50% to 80%.
  • Duration, 60 000 hours compared to the 12 000 - 15 000 hours of saving lamps
  • No maintenance costs
  • Not emetono heat
  • Greater luminous efficiency
  • Instant-on
  • No shatter
  • It does not pollute and does not contain hazardous substances
  • It does not emit rays, U. V. rays and I. R. can be damaging to the eyes if exposed directly to it.

LED tubes, in particular, have some fundamental advantages with respect to the pipe fluoresciene traditional:

  • Do not heat,
  • Not sfafallano ( annoying effect that often of Neon tubes, creating),
  • They have a much longer life,
  • Do not contain harmful gases,
  • Instant on.


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