Lampadina Led 10W E27 con Doppio Sensore crepuscolare Accende e Spegne da sola

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Lamp with double light sensor, turns on and off automatically. Ideal for lighting
automatic turns on at dusk, off automatically with the light of the day.

Ideal for outdoor Use in street lights with the protective glass, Underneath the Canopies of the Condominium, outside Balconies or Windows, In Environments where lighting Is a Safety for The people and Things.


LED bulb with power of 10W and attack E27. Bulb shape in white plastic material with a light beam of 220°.
Equipped with 2 Sensors, Twilight sensor
that automatically switches on the light bulb when it is in the dark and off in the presence of light. The power of 10W is equivalent to About 55W of an incandescent lamp.
SMD LED technology and matte cover, d
isponibile with3 different colour temperatures: Warm White Light (3000K), Cool White (6400K), Neutral Natural (4200K) (See Menu Choice)

Dimensions: Ø 60 x 110 mm

This lamp is covered by a warranty of 2 years.

Technical Features:

Led bulb E27
Screw E27
Voltage/Frequency: 230V/50Hz
Power consumption: 10w
Lumens: approximately 800
The average duration of the leds : >20 000h
Version 220v (so you don't need no transformer)
Instant ignition
Eco-friendly (contains no mercury, emitting no UV rays)
Energy efficiency class : A+
Weight: 0.28 Kg
Degree Of Protection: IP44

Long-Life Led bulbs: LED bulbs last on average 15 years. The average duration of an LED light bulb is about 20,000 hours.

80% Reduction of energy consumption: the LED lighting is about 80% lower than Incandescent lamps, about 50% as compared to the Halogen lamp and the approximately 10% compared to Fluorescent lamps. This system allows a considerable saving in electricity bill making Led Bulbs a product that is "Autopaga" in a few months of use and therefore savings on the Electricity Bill.

Perfect compatibility: the LED bulbs can be replaced with those present in the home, without having to make any changes to the system. You just have to choose the attack right in-between the various available.

How to Choose The Color Temperature Of Your Led light Bulb:




Note: Mode of correct use:
This lamp is designed to be used outdoors in special street lights so that it lights up at dusk and turns off at the rising of the sun, so the light sensor works by detecting certain frequencies of color, naturally present in the sunlight.
When the lamp is used inside buildings, you can notice a behavior "abnormal": the lamp works like a normal energy-saving lamp without sensor, in the sense that it does not turn off and will not turn on automatically.
This is due to the fact that the artificial light, originating from sources such incandescent, ogene, fluorescent, hid or Led, has within it the frequencies of color are necessary to activate the light sensor and make it that switches off the power supply to the lamp.
It follows that if you have the need to try the lamp you will have to try it outside, in the light of the day, this is to allow the sensor to turn it off properly, after which you will be able to bring it back inside to make sure that you turn on, maybe in a dark place, thus confirming the good functioning of the same.
The lamp, on average, need a few second to activate or deactivate.

Potenza in Watt: 10W

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