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LED strips Professional models available:
smd 3528 , smd 5050, smd 3014, smd 2835, smd 5050 rgb...etc.

The LED strips ( also called ribbons, LED andLED STRIP) have been on the market a few years but are already a great innovation in the field of lighting world. The LED strip you can use for traditional lighting, but also for the LED lighting decorative, for example, with the control unit RGB the strip RGB LED. The flexible strip LED fits all of the contours, allowing for a fitting that was very creative. With a bit of creativity you can transform a simple stay in a small paradise of light. The fastening by means of double-sided adhesive tape located on the back side is very simple.
With the LED strips or LED strip adhesive you can illuminate large surfaces, both indoor and outdoor, with LED-lighting very uniform. Can be used both for lighting private lighting living room, bedrooms, closet, kitchen, tv, lights, corridor, staircase lighting, ect.) for indoor lighting or outdoor lighting (shops, hotel, LED lighting for posters, bars, nightclubs, etc.) Our LED strips can be easily connected to each other.
LED strips Professional
We Silamp we select the best LED Chips currently on the world market. Our LED strips adhesive are equipped with LED SMD Chip bright, long-lasting with an excellent color rendering designed for professional use but also for hobby, where reliability is very important.
The LED strip has many possibilities of use
A LED strip is the source of light ideal for hallways, kitchens and work areas. Thanks to its constitution pluriluminosa, ensures a prolonged illumination over a wide area or in spaces that are very large. Of course, it is possible to use a LED strip for a ceiling light or as a light sculpture to the wall. The LED strip is very versatile. It can be easily adapted as a tone of light and intensity to the different requirements of the environment. Such as decorative lighting, the LED strip is particularly suitable for creating lighting effects in a very artistic and personal.
The strip lends itself to different applications. Some examples of usage:
- backlight televisions wall
- lighting of shelves
- lighting of the hood of the kitchen
- tuning
- courtesy light
- lighting of the stairs
- lighting for display cabinets, furniture cabinets,



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