LED bulbs , halogen, Energy saving: prices and offers online

Led lighting has revolutionized the lighting industry. Lasts more than 20 years, can be integrated in the lamps, allowing new designs, and they consume very little energy compared to incandescent bulbs. That's why they are the light source, the most intelligent, functional and sustainable. In our assortment we have both LED bulbs that lamps with integrated LEDS.

LED lamps: they have a light more beautiful and consume much less
With LED bulbs Silamp you can save energy up to 90%* compared to traditional lamps. They are a perfect alternative to replace the old incandescent bulbs, they are available in a complete range of shapes, attacks and powers are more and more performing. They light up instantly, reaching right from the ignition the maximum light intensity, and produce a white light of high quality, which does not tire the view, and does not bother the eyes. Can last up to 20 years, reducing the costs related to the replacement, and finally, with their unique design and distinctive, representing the new light bulb icon.
Our LED bulbs Silamp belong to the class of maximum energy efficiency: A, A+ or A++.
We have a Wide Range of products and many offers for Led bulbs, retail prices led bulbs online are always highly competitive. The models and the quality of the products are chosen with the utmost care to meet the needs of the market.
Led bulbs prices bassisimi find out Now:

Lampadina E14 LED Candela Oliva 3W con 32 Led Smd 3014 Luce Calda e NeutraLampadina E14 5W LED Candela Oliva con 10 Led Smd Potenza Luce Calda e NeutraLampadina Led 6W oliva  E14 luce Calda Attacco piccolo Lampadine a LedLampadina Led a Candela 4W Fiamma luce calda e fredda alta potenza E14 LampadineLampadina Led a Globo E27 Passo Grosso da 7W  Led a Sfera Luce Calda E freddaLampadina E27 LED PAR30 15W Silamp Lampada Faretto Led luce calda e freddaFaretto led gu10 3w RGB cambia colore Faretto Rgb Faro Led Color Attacco Gu10

Lampadina Led a Miniglobo E27 3W Attacco Grande Luce Fredda E Calda LampadineLampadina led G4 2W 12V bianco lampada Caldo Lampadine g4 anche per farettiLampadina Led Edison E27 6W Luce Calda e Fredda Attacco Grande GrossoLampadina led G9 45Led 6W bianco lampada Caldo Lampadine g9 Led super risparmioLampadina Led Gu10 24led smd 5050 220v Faretto Lampada spot 5W Fredda -CaldaLampadina Led a Miniglobo 4W Luce calda Fredda neutra attacco E14 lampadine ledLampadina Led Mr16 60led smd 12V Faretto Lampada spot 5W Fredda Calda Neutra


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