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LED bulb 8W big E27 model ST64

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  • Product Model: ST-8W
  • Condition: New
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LED bulb 8W big E27 model ST64

the technology to wire COB LED offers advantages such as energy savings of up to 80% and performance equivalent to traditional bulb of 100W.
Its design and strands golden glass give it the appearance of the old incandescent bulbs to halogen bulbs, allowing you to give the retro feel vintage, without neglecting the side of performance, a luminous flux of 720 lumens , with a lighting angle of 360 °, ideal for Catering, Brasserie, Pubs, etc ...
Very easy replacement, just remove the old incandescent bulb and replace it with the new LED bulb Silamp!



Technical features:

  • Led bulb E27
  • temperature light, check from the selection menu
  • measures check on the photos
  • Operating voltage: 230V 50Hz
  • Type of installation: a life-E27
  • Consumes 8 watts and Is light as a light Bulb incandecenza, 80-watt
  • Luminous intensity: 720 lm
  • The average duration of the leds : >30 000h
  • New product and packaging factory
  • The high quality of the output light of the day
  • Instant ignition
  • Very high energy savings
  • Eco-friendly (contains no mercury, emitting no UV rays)
  • Affordable cost
  • Aesthetically beautiful
  • High brightness
  • Long life (no replacement cost)
  • Easy to install, suitable for home, office, retail or lighting installation factory
  • The standard dimensions allow all types of installation
  • Energy efficiency class : A+



Package contents:
1 led light bulb




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