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Binario LED Trifase 2m Bianco/Nero per faretto a binario 220V BIN-TRI-2M

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  • Product Model: BIN-TRI-2M
  • Condition: New
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The Binary three-Phase 2 m serves to easily install the LED spotlights for three-phase in the desired position.

The Binary three-Phase 2-meter is powered directly to 220v/230v.

The system three-PHASE allows up to three ignitions independent on the same track.

This product can be installed directly in the wall to the ceiling and alternatively, via cables (not included), also a suspension.

The Binary three-Phase 2 m includes in the price the headboard of the power supply and the terminal (end cap).

In case you need a size larger, in our site you will find the appropriate accessories, among which some examples are : connector, in-line, angle 90° and "t"

Our Binary three-Phase motors are compatible with our entire range of Led Spotlights for three-PHASE, we cannot guarantee the same for products of other brands.



  • Color: BLACK or WHITE (select the color from the pulldown menu)
  • Three-phase
  • Tested power supply included
  • Terminal included
  • Voltage: 220V - 230V
  • Energy efficiency class : A+
  • CE certificate
  • IP20

Package contents:

  • 1 Binary PHASE 2MT for spotlights and downlights, track LED 230V

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