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Lampadina LED attacco G4 12V DC 3W 48Led G4-3W-PROT

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  • Product Model: G4-3W-PROT
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Bulb g4 LED 3w 12v 48led super powerful with attack classic.
You save a lot of electricity because they consume only 3w each bulb by the same light as before, take into account that each chandelier there are many bulbs to be 20w.
to replace light bulbs g4 classic halogen 10w and 20w
Technical features:
  • Look at the photos and know the size
  • Led bulbs G4 48led
  • 12V 3W as a 35W halogen
  • Operating voltage: 12V DC continuous current for the led (does not work with alternating current (AC)
  • Available in Warm light and Cold
  • Technical features:
  • Type of attack: G4
  • Angle of light: 360°
  • Power consumption: 3w (yields about 35watt, comparable to a halogen g4 classic)
  • Light output: 300lumens
  • Color temperature: 3300k WARM WHITE/ 6400K SELECTION
  • Operating voltage: 12V DC current (does not work with AC alternating current)
  • distance between pins 4mm
  • diameter lamp 12mm
  • g4 led is particularly indicated for bars,clubs,restaurants,hotels,chandeliers for residential use

In the package contains:

  • a light bulb g4 led

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