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Connector Pluridirezionale for Binary three-PHASE Led Color White/Black

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  • Product Model: A27-TRI
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Connector pluridirezionale for binary three-PHASE color: white or black



The Connector WHITE or BLACK three-PHASE plurtheofrezionale that allows you to direct the tracks in any direction.

The connector can be bent by 180°(as a linear connector) to 60°.

Our Connectors three-PHASE are compatible with our entire range of track-mounted Led three-PHASE ,we do not guarantee the same for products of other brands.


The product complies with the european regulations CE.



Characteristics techniques:


  • CE certificate
  • Three-PHASE
  • IP20
  • Color: WHITE or BLACK (select from the pulldown menu, according to availability)
  • The length of the connector up to 180°: 230 mm



The package contains:


  • 1 connector


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