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Cable with plug For Led strip 220v for light games

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  • Product Model: C15-LEDTU-2PIN
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The video is for illustrative purposes, was shot with the model light tube warm light, but the cable controller is also compatible with the model, cold light, and multicolor.
Cable with plug For Led strip 220v for light games affordable singorlamente when we want to create as many pieces of the coil 50 meters luminous tube.
With this cable socket 220v it will be possible to create different plays of light:
  • combination,
  • in the waves,
  • sequential,
  • slo-glo,
  • chasging flash,
  • slow fade,
  • twinkle flash,
  • steady on





https://www.silamp.it/images/20181113161804-26520-tubo-led-bianco.jpg https://www.silamp.it/images/20181113133749-050-108.jpg https://www.silamp.it/images/20191111172037-bobina%20strisce%20led%20natalizie%20luca%20rgb.jpg



Package contents:
  • cable socket for led tube light

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