Timer TIMER analog Mechanical programmable devices and lights

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Timer TIMER programmable analogue devices and lights, analog Timer,With a cycle of 24 hours,Programming for 15-minute intervals. This timer is suitable for the ignition and the scheduled shutdown of any appliance.

And is able to support reversals of the electric
up to 3.5 Kilovat, that is, the totality
of the supply in a domestic installation.
There are many situations where this timer
it detects absolutely indispensable,
safely turn on at the scheduled time
any appliance and will allow for example
the automation of lighting systems, boilers, irrigation.
You can safely connect to:
washing machine, aquarium, water sprinkler, lighting and signs,
pool pumps, decorative lights,
chargers, and many others!!
The timer has the feature of being able to receive
96 commands in the span of 24 hours,
with a minimum interval of 15 minutes.
Direct power supply 220 volt
Maximum power tolerable 3500 Watt (16A)
Settings in steps of 15 minutes
Time Range 24 hours
The number of possible settings, 96
Input plug large/small
The plug connecting to the network at large
Switch activation on/off
Size 12x7x3 cm
Color White
In the package contains:
  • a timer