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Ring spotlight GU10 downlight glass Mirror a fragmented crystals

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Ring spotlight GU10 for drywall glass Mirrors and fragmented crystals


The round escutcheon is made of glass mirror and is suitable for all types of spotlight GU10.

The design is extremely graceful and elegant, in addition to its functionality portafaretto, it is an ornament for your rooms, kitchens, bathrooms, windows etc...


The installation of the ring is very simple as you can deduce from the image dimostrotiva (to match theadapter GU10

The hole collection is recommended to be carried out on the plasterboard is 70 mm diameter



Technical features:


  • Brand: Silamp
  • Material: soft and structure in aluminum; ring in pure glass
  • Hole collection ideal: 70 mm diameter
  • Depth with the lamp GU10: 60 mm
  • Size: 95x22 mm


Package contents:


  • 1 ring glass with springs
  • NOT INCLUDED portafaretto adapter GU10
  • NOT INCLUDED lamp GU10

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