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Portafaretto to Binary PHASE LED GU10 WHITE spotlight GU10 not included

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The portafaretto binary led single-phaseWHITE code FB-33-GU10 has a minimalist design, elegant and practical.


The portafaretto you can combine all of the spotlights of our category SPOTLIGHTS GU10


To insert the light bulb gu10 plug, simply unscrew the front part of the spotlight.


It is a professional product suitable for the illumination of shop windows, stores, bars, exhibitions, show rooms, concerts and other public events..


The innovative system manual of the spotlight, allows at an in both the top and the bottom and rotate it up to 300° on itself, and it has a simple hook that allows manual, in a simple manner, to insert, remove or position the product on the track.


The spotlights binary PHASE do not have power cords or plugs, to make it work you must use the appropriate binary single-PHASE 220v – 240v.


We guarantee the compatibility between all our products SILAMP of the range single PHASE, can we not do the same for other brands. Discover all our products BINARY single-PHASE: https://www.silamp.it/index.php?keywords=monofase+




Technical features:


  • Dimensions: see photo
  • Installation: Binary, single-phase
  • Materials: metal

Glass screen

  • Supply voltage: 220-240v
  • Degree of protection: IP20 (suitable for indoor lighting)




Package contents:


1 portafaretto gu10 binary LED

not included the bulb or spotlight GU10




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