Portafaretto plaster concealed square side 12cm Fi-CHALK-10

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Port spotlight in plaster from the interior for inclusion in the ceilings.

To total disappearance, once installed, it integrates perfectly with the structure, and the sinuous shape of the housing makes the light seem to radiate from the architecture itself, creating a scenic effect, simple but of great impact.
A solution for modern and essential, which combines function and aesthetics, and lights up the environments in a sophisticated way, emphasizing the details.

Simple to install it is sufficient to set up the plasterboard, insert it, do the appropriate links and fill in. The body of the portafaretto is paintable in the colour of the interior or according to the needs and personal tastes.


Instructions for installation: https://www.silamp.it/userfiles/portafaretto plaster Fi-CHALK-10 instructions montaggio.jpeg




Type: ceiling Lamp recessed

Material:Plaster, ceramic

Specificity: Can be painted

Lamp compatible: GU10, and MR16, diameter 5cm (NOT included)

Hole for installation: 12x12 cm

Height: 4,5 cm

Total height including bulb and bulb holder: 9 cm




Package contents:


  • Lamp-plaster
  • metal clips+screws for mounting
  • GU10 to led spotlight
  • clamp for wires