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Portafaretto Par 30 E27 For Binary single-phase, Slip-Lamp headlight led binary

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The Portafaretto single Phase B18 for light bulbs E27, PAR 30, is a professional product suitable for the illumination of shop windows, stores, bars, exhibitions, show rooms, concerts and other public events.

The innovative system manual portafaretto, allows at an in both the top and the bottom and rotate it up to 300° on itself, and it also has an easy attachment that allows manual, so simple and easy: insert, remove or position the product on the track.

Our portafaretto single-Phase is compatible with our entire range of binary Led single-PHASE, we cannot guarantee the same for products of other brands.

The portafaretto for binary-PHASE does not have power cords or plugs, for it to work you must use the appropriate binary single-PHASE electric 220v – 240v

On this portafaretto the bulbs are ideal, and recommended are:


LED-PAR30-15W :

(PS: If you want to use the bulb par30 15w you need to buy this adapter:

A11-E27: )


  • Color: WHITE or BLACK (choose from the pulldown menu)
  • Single-phase
  • Power supply voltage:220v - 240v AC
  • Energy efficiency class : A
  • CE & Rohs certificate
  • IP20
  • Compatibility: the Lamp with E27 (both Led)
  • Size : Check the photos


Package contents:

  • 1 Portafaretto single-PHASE
  • Does not include the bulb
  • Does not include the binary