Mini Controller Rgb Controller For Led strip With remote control 12v rgb Strip

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  • Product Model: CONTROLLER-RGB-72W
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Mini Controller Rgb Controller For Led strip rgb With remote control 12v.

  • The Control colors for the COIL to RGB.
  • In this KIT included one remote control and a receiver... is not included with the transformer.
  • With this KIT you can achieve many effects:
  • Shades, intermittently, etc... and also increase or decrease the intensity of the light to your pleasure...
  • You can decrease and increase the light (adjust the intensity of light)
  • You can also vary the speed of the Change of colors.
  • Voltage Input : 12V
  • Size unit 62x35x23mm
  • Voltage Output: 12V
  • Current : 6A (3x2A)
  • Powerful: the most you can control up to 72W of power consumption
  • Exit wires : 1 positive, 3 negative (Green,Red and Blue)
  • Controls up to 10 meters SMD 5050 30LEDs/M LED Strips or 5 meters SMD 5050 60LEDs / M LED Strips

In the package Contains:

  • a remote control (CAUTION : the battery included with the remote control can be download so if you can't change the colors is normal, you just need to install a new battery of the same type, the more powerful the battery the more strong manages to shoot the infrared signal to receiver)
  • a control unit


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