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Light bulb Anti-BlackOut Led Emergency bulb E27 A60 8W Big Screw Turns on By itself

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Light bulb Anti-BlackOut Led Emergency bulb E27 A60 8W Big Screw Turns on By itself

Led bulb emergency anti-blackout E27 Silamp you use it like a regular light bulb, but in case it is missing
the current in the house turn on automatically, for maximum safety and relaxation for the whole family.

It works as a normal light bulb, but low consumption LED 8Watt. It comes on by itself in the case of black-out and has an autonomy up to 4 hours.

  You use in normal bulb holders and thanks to the LED technology provides an energy saving of 85%.
The screen, opal ensures a perfect diffusion of the light.


Led bulb E27
Temperature light, check the menu
For the measures:
Autonomy up to 4 hours
Battery: NiCd 3,6 V - 0,75 Ah
Version SA
230V/50Hz E27
Consumes 8 Watts and Is light as a light Bulb glow from 80watt about
Lumens: 800
The average duration of the leds: >30 000h
Version 220v (so you don't need no transformer)
230v ~ 50HZ
Instant ignition
With respect to the environment (contain no mercury, emitting no UV rays)

This lamp is covered by a warranty of 2 years.


Long-Life Led bulbs: LED bulbs last on average 15 years. The average duration of an LED light bulb is about 20,000 hours.

80% Reduction of energy consumption: the LED lighting is about 80% lower than Incandescent lamps, about 50% as compared to the Halogen lamp and the approximately 10% compared to Fluorescent lamps. This system allows a considerable saving in electricity bill making Led Bulbs a product that is "Autopaga" in a few months of use and therefore savings on the Electricity Bill.

Perfect compatibility: the LED bulbs can be replaced with those present in the home, without having to make any changes to the system. You just have to choose the attack right in-between the various available.

How to Choose The Color Temperature Of Your Led light Bulb:




Instructions use bulb Blackout Emergency E27

The most reliable way to test the functionality of the lamp, emergency blackout, is to unplug your Electric meter or the Line Light to your Home.
After this operation, the lamp BlackOut turn on in emergency mode.

The lamp, previously to black out, must be turned on and operational in order to function.

For example, more practical:
if the product is used off, as it could be if it were placed in a bedroom at three in the morning, and there's a black out, not you
will work and then not turn on.
While, in the event that it is already on and operational, as in the circumstance in which you use normally to illuminate the dining room where you are eating with your family, and should be off the current, the lamp will run you are saving from the situation and illuminating the surrounding environment.

Why don't You Turn it in Mode Black Out If Not in Use?

The Bulb is composed of an intelligent card that can recognize a simple turning off of a current from a power outage.
The lamp does not turn on simply by depriving it of the power, it is necessary to close the circuit breaker to make it fit into the function.
Then, is not simply interrupting the current framework but, better yet, turn off the circuit breaker main and general of the house (building) and not only to a specific area. (e.g. office, bathroom, storage).

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