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Led surface-mounted luminaire T5 Reglette 5w length 30cm Undercabinet white version

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  • Product Model: P31-T5-5W
  • Condition: New
  • Usually dispatched within: 2 Days
  • Estimated delivery by: Wednesday 22 September 2021
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LED tube SILAMP T5 with power of 5W and a light intensity of 500 lumens, a high quality product specially dedicated to the professional use, such as supermarkets, shopping centers, warehouses, etc., instant Ignition that does not require gas, without the effect of flicker and does not produce noise. The latest generation of SMD technology LED allows for efficient rendering of colors, while maintaining a low power consumption, a device perfect for everyday use, resistant to small impacts and vibrations, with a long duration, more than 30 000h, installation can be in series along a wall or a ceiling.
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Common Technical features:


  • Energy efficiency class : A+
  • led Smd0620
  • cold light 6400k - and those available from the selection menu
  • FOR MOUNTING TO the WALL or ceiling
  • Suitable for interior decoration in homes, shops, offices.
  • Door lamp t5
  • Degree of protection IP20
  • Voltage 230v ~ 50HZ – CE
  • New product and packaging factory
  • Energy efficiency class : A+




The specific characteristics of each luminaire:

-ceiling light led T5 tube 5w

  • measuring 30cm




In the package contains:
  • a ceiling lamp with bulb included
  • a kit for fixing
  • an adapter to connect the ceiling lights in series
  • a cavettino to connect to 220v


Accessory not included:

Cavo cavetto prolunga per sottopensili e collegamento in serie Cavi connettore t5

Title: Cable wire extension cord for sottopensili and series connection Cables accessories


Accessory not included:

Title: Cable wire extension cord for sottopensili and series connection Cables accessories

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