LED spotlight 20W ultra slim motion sensor PIR adjustable FES4-20W

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The led spotlight projector FES4-20W WHITE slim LED light with infrared sensor has a high efficiency, it can illuminate up to 8 meters, with low power consumption (makes it as a 200w halogen but with a consumption of 20w): a significant savings in economic and energy-saving (the power consumption is just 20-30% of what you would with an incandescent bulb) and the light is activated only the actual transfer of persons or things within the area in which the spotlight is installed, while ensuring lower consumption.

This lighthouse does not produce light pollution and improves the performance in all work environments because it is easy on the eyes and does not disperse heat.
Quick and easy installation thanks to the special bracket and perforated for insertion of screws, which also allows you to tilt the spotlight toward the top or the bottom.



Suitable for outdoor or interior, it has a unique sensor that allows the product to turn on and off automatically, includes: motion Sensor PIR + light Sensor twilight sensor built-in, the following configuration information:

1_ button LUX defines the working conditions of Day/Night: when you set the symbol of the sun, the sensor is active all the day; and vice versa when you set the indicator on the symbol in the moon, the sensor stops working during the day and comes on automatically when it gets dark.

2_-the-button TIME controls the delay time of the sensor (from 5 seconds up to 4 minutes); with a time delay refers to the interval in which the beacon projector stays on when a body in motion goes beyond the detection distance of the PIR sensor. It can also be defined as the “time of delivery”.

3_ the button SENS, used for the sensitivity of the sensor to detect moving objects, and these, by increasing or decreasing the distance in which perceives them

You can exclude one of the two functions, i.e., crepuscular or movement, work together.





Technical features:


  • Power: 20 W
  • Sensor: Infra-red (sight), motion and twilight sensor
  • Operating voltage: 85-265v AC
  • Frequency: 50 - 60 HZ
  • Technology: LED SMD 2835
  • Lighting angle : 160°
  • Temperature light: choose the hue of light from among those available
  • Degree of protection: IP65.
  • UGR: <19
  • Color Rendering index (CRI): 80
  • Luminous flux: 2000 Lumens about
  • Durability: > 30.000 h
  • Brand Name: Silamp
  • Energy efficiency class : A+
  • Not dimmable
  • Body material: Metal
  • Body color (finish): Black
  • Diffuser: Transparent
  • Certifications: Ce and RoHs
  • Installation: Includes bracket with perforated
  • Size: Check the photo


Package contents:


1 LED spotlight with motion sensor adjustable



Package contents:


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