Electronic Timer Weekly Programmable Lcd Display 230v timer, s

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Useful electronic timer that lets you program and the shutdown of electrical equipment 230V 16A with daily/weekly programming. Installs directly on a socket Italian 16A between the device to be controlled and the outlet. Possibility to insert and turn the power on in a safe and time and day you want:
  • lamps
  • household appliances
  • stoves
  • fan heaters
  • and another
Just plug it into a normal power outlet 230vac
Random function
Selection solar or legal
Technical Features:
  • LCD screen low power consumption
  • 8 settings ON/OFF for the day
  • 128 settings ON/OFF per week
  • Precision of programming: 1 minute
  • Time display 24 or 12 hours
  • The internal backup battery, momentary power failure, the timer does not prey on the settings
  • Function summer/winter daylight or standard time
  • Maximum flexibility with the combinations daily
  • Ideal for curtains , aquariums billboards, etc.
  • Power supply 220-240V 50Hz directly from the outlet to which it is connected
  • Jack male - to-female Italian 16A
  • Maximum load 16A or 3600W about
The package contains:
No. 1 electronic Timer