Controller, dimmer LED 12V DC for led strips RGB Silamp 30m remote control

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The controller of the DIMMER powered 60W with remote control serves to vary the intensity of the LED strips 12v dc single color.

You do not need any power supply: the controller connects directly to the 220v and 12v output DC , just connect the male connector with standard jack to the LED strip.

If the LED strip is not available, the Plug female, it is possible to cut the connector and make connections with the two wires of the 12v: black to black (negative) and red to red (positive)

The optical sensor must remain at the sight to receive the signal.


Technical features:

Ø Brand Silamp

Ø maximum 60 watts

Ø 5A

Ø optical Sensor infrared IR

Ø Input 220v/240v

Ø Output 12V dc for LED

Ø Certificate: CE and Rohs

Ø Dimensions: 10cm x 5cm x 3cm


This product is recommended for use with these bars on led:




Package contents:

Ø 1 controller DIMMER

Ø 1 remote control


Led bar not included

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