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Controller controller RGB Bluetooth / remote control for RGB strip 220v

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  • Product Model: T15-RGB-220V
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Controller controller RGB control via Bluetooth or with the remote control for RGB strip 220v


Controller+power unit of the latest generation for strips, RGB 220 volt connections within a Bluetooth connection with which you will be able to adjust your RGB strip from your smartphone.

Included in the kit is the remote IR (infra-red Signal) with which you can manage from a distance the colors of the strip and the effects of light.


Thanks to theAPP, easily downloadable for free for Iphone and Android, you can control various functions of the strip as:


  • Change the color of the strip between 12 different colors and adjust their hues
  • Choose the effect you prefer from among the various speed transaction light -> FLASH(glow), -> STROBE(glow fast) -> FADE(fade), -> SMOOTH(fade slow)
  • Adjust the intensity of the light
  • Change the color of the RGB strip in the base the music on your mobile phone or sounds from the surrounding
  • Choose which days of the activation of the strip, due to the synchronization with the smartphone


The App is available for download on Iphone through the coding of the QR code shown on the Controller. The process is simple, just turn on the camera and frame the QR code (see photo lantern lotus bluetooth controller silamp 2.PNG)

Otherwise, download the Application directly from Ap?p Store or the Google Play Store by typing "Lantern Lotus"


Instructions for the use of the APP rgb bluetooth(1).rar



Technical features:




The maximum output power

1000 W

Operating voltage

220-240v AC


signal RGB infrared IR

Bluetooth connectivity, control via Smartphone

The intensity of the current

4 To



Average duration

> 20,000 h

Operating temperature



CE and Rohs

The size of the unit

90x70x25 mm

The size of the remote control

110x50x15 mm

The total length of the unit and the cables 55 cm.



Package contents:


Ø 1 control unit RGB controller

Ø 1 remote controller

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