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Coil Strip LED flexible Hose 50m 24v 120LED/m SMD2835 neon light IP65

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  • Product Model: 50M-S35-2835-IP65-24V
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  • Estimated delivery by: Wednesday 27 January 2021
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The coil of 50 meters of LED 24V with SMD 2835 from 120 led per meter, is connected to the current supply via a 24v transformer, thanks to the silicone coating is suitable for interior and exterior environments, the flexibility of 360 degrees, allows for highly versatile use without interruption of light to any angle that you want to create.

The glow effect is continuous, is very reminiscent of the old signs of a once-a-neon.



VERY IMPORTANT : do Not leave turned on the entire coiled coil for more than 15 seconds, being very powerful, you will accumulate so much heat, overheating, and damage completely. If you want to power up the entire reel, you need to just roll it out completely.





This LED strip 24V can be cut every 5 cm, each 120 led, in the spaces used for the cutting, this is where you will find a black dot on the side of the led strip, the part of 5 cm, 10, 15, 20 and multiples of several.


COLORS AVAILABLE (ref. the image from the top):

  1. GOLD
  3. RED
  4. GREEN
  5. BLUE
  6. WARM 3000K
  7. COLD 6400K




Technical features:





10 W/m

Operating voltage

24v DC (requires a transformer, 24v)


50 - 60 HZ


LED smd 2835

Quantity of LED

120 led per meter

Luminous intensity

850 lumens per meter


100 w/m (compared to a halogen)

Temperature light

light Blue 7500k/ Red/ Green/ Orange/ Gold/ Cold 6400k/ Warm 3000k

The beam of light


Color Rendering index

CRI 80



Protection index


Type of installation

See examples above


Cover silicone strip metal

Average duration

> 20,000 h

Operating temperature



CE and Rohs

Energy efficiency class


Features Led

Not dimmable


Length: 50 m

The section of the tubing 12x6 mm (side-illuminating)




Package contents:


  • 1 coil hose 50m
  • Material to weld a new head of the strip

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