Chandelier pendant 25w modern design crystal pendants CODE 9923

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Chandelier pendant with crystal pendants with a modern design and extreme elegance.


Precious and sparkling, this glitzy chandelier from the ceiling is a protagonist of the furniture.

The many crystal pendants which are break up and reflect the clear and powerful light of the lamps on the environment, creating an enchanting atmosphere and luxurious.


The impressive size of the extension make it perfect in a large space, with the need for strong lighting. The choice of materials and the invoice to allow a longer period of operation.


Available in two versions slightly different.






Led already built-in to the chandelier for lighting, is extended to 360° of 2500 lumens.

Consumption of the chandelier measured in power: 25w


Is it possible to change the hue of light simply by turning off the light, then through the switch (see video).