LED profile with LED strip 12v WITHOUT SENSOR-40cm-60cm-80cm recessed

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Aluminum profile LED strip 12v and PIR motion sensor built-40cm-60cm-80cm flat profile, ( TRANSFORMER NOT INCLUDED)



The profiles led bars or led are the accessories useful and functional for the installation and the proper use of led strips.

The main function of the profiles led to ensure proper heat dissipation and consequently a greater longevity of the led strips and the best quality of lighting.


Use the profiles for led strips means not only to protect the strip from any damage, but means to choose a solution that looks good for every type of environment.

Profiles led mounted on the sottopensili of the kitchen to illuminate the worktop/hob, suitable for furniture , rooms and living rooms, for the voltage to 12v suitable for camper vans..

Profili led recessed on walls or floors to create a modern and refined environment.


The use of the profiles led also facilitates the mounting of the led strips, especially those with flexible.


Such as aluminium profiles for led strips to choose?

There are various types of profiles, led, depending on the different applications are distinguished:

  • The profiles led dishes are preferable when you need direct light, and in particular, on ceilings, under cabinets and on flat surfaces.

  • The profiles led corner in all the cases where it is necessary to mount on an angle, as for example in the plaster.

  • The profiles led recessed light of the size and visibility reduced because of their application to the collection.



In addition, the profiles with LED strips Silamp are available in 3 types according to the functions:


  • led profile WITHOUT SENSOR (works like a light bulb any, off mode and switched on)

  • led profile with SENSOR DTHE MOVEMENT IR (il PIR Sensor detects the rays of infraredIR radiated from objects in its field of view, or catches the movement of their bodies)

  • profile led light with MOTION SENSOR AND TWILIGHT sensor the PIR (the PIR sensor in addition to detection of the movement of the bodies, it also detects the brightness of the environment and active )


Technical features:





5 w - 7.5 w - 10w

Operating voltage

12v DC


50 - 60 HZ


LED SMD 2835


450 lm 675 lm - 900 lm


50w -70w -100w (compared to a halogen)

Temperature light

Natural light 4200k

Detection angle


Sensing distance

3 metres


20-30 sec

Type of installation

Sconce on wall, ceiling


Aluminum and PC

Color (finish)

Silver metallic



Average duration

> 20,000 h

Operating temperature



CE and Rohs

Energy efficiency class


Features Led

Not dimmable


Lengths available: 40cm-60cm-80cm

Width:1.8 cm

Height: 0.7 cm



Package contents:


1 led profile in aluminium

1 led strip included inside (transformer NOT included)

2 end caps included

1 cable, 12 volt

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