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Controller Dimmer Adjustable for LED light bulbs 220 volt connections within the

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The dimmer is adjustable with a wheel Silamp allows you to adjust the light intensity of LED bulbs: increase the intensity by turning the wheel to the right, decrease the intensity by turning it to the left until you get to OFF to completely switch off the lighting.


PHASE-brown wire, white wire

NEUTRAL-blue wire to power, black wire to the user




Installation instructions for the Dimmer:


-insert the cable PHASE power L

-insert the cable the PHASE of the light bulb in A

(careful not to put both power cables in the dimmer, otherwise it is shorted)

-join the cables to the NEUTRAL of the power supply 220 volt connections within and bulb



Technical characteristics


Input voltage: 220v AC

Size: 85x85x50 mm

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