1m Led Strip 220V Dual-smd2835-180 Double row Strip, also other measures

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  • Product Model: KIT-S8-2835-180
  • Condition: New
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  • Estimated delivery by: Wednesday 04 October 2023
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1m Led Strip 220V Dual-smd2835-180 Double row Strip, also other measures
you don't need any transformer, connects directly to 220v thus saving the cost of the transformers led.
you can only cut at every meter, To order other measures as 8m,just order 8pz from 1meter and during the order in the notes required to add a message "I Would like a unique piece from 8m", send them an email right after if you forgot to add the note without the note required proceed to send the order as the order is placed.

The strip lends itself to different applications. Some examples of usage:
- backlight televisions wall
- lighting of shelves
- lighting of the hood of the kitchen
- tuning
- courtesy light
- lighting of the stairs
- lighting for display cabinets, furniture cabinets,
Didn't try the coil for the entire rolled up to 100m for more than 2mins, being very powerful, you accumulate a lot of heat and damage the whole of the coil led. If you want to turn on all the strip for the 100m you have to unroll everything.
Technical Features:
  • Quantity of LED: 180pz/M 1, input 220v
  • temperature light, check from the selection menu
  • cuttable every meter (in points scored)
  • Power: 18W/M 1800lumens/metro
  • it is not adhesive (attach with paper)
  • Temperatures: -20 to 50 °
    Working voltage: 220Vac
    Beam angle: 120 °
    AC 220V strip light
  • ip44
  • *Power supply 220v (no need for the led power supply)
  • *Average life 30 000h
  • *Operating temperature -20° to +60° Degrees
  • *Very low heat emission
  • *Cuttable each meter (in points scored), you can only cut at every meter for the whole.
  • width of strip:20mm thickness 8mm

In The Box:

  • a Strip of Led
  • 1 cable connection socket 220v
  • 2 support for the fix


Some Examples of Usage:

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