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Tripod mount For Headlight Led light, multipurpose tripod

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  • Brand: Silamp
  • Costo di Spedizione: € 7.00
  • Product Model: TRE-P-DOPPIO
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  • Estimated delivery by: Monday 07 December 2020
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Portafaretti Tripod mount for headlamps, aluminum, color yellow. Suitable for any use, is very suitable in the use in shipbuilding. The support, made of aluminum, has a weight of 4 Kg approximately and can be used to hook up 2 lights from 10W to 50W.
The height is adjustable up to a maximum of 1.5 metres.
If you want you can mount up to 3 lights if we want to overdo it.

The headlights are compatible with this stand tripods you can find them on our site

In the package contains:
  • a tripod mount
  • not included headlights or lights

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