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Strip per METER LED flexible Tube 24v 120LED/m SMD2835 neon light IP65

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  • Product Model: KIT-S35-IP65-24V
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Flexible tube LED 220V with SMD 2835 from 120 led per meter, it connects directly to your home network 220v, thanks to the cable rectifier (included) with plug to be inserted directly into a power outlet, allowing you to install the strip without a transformer, saving the costs of this and any links.






  • To order strips of length more than 1 m it is necessary to specify the desired size during the confirmation of the order in the 'Add comments about your order'


  • And' possible to request the kit strip lengths up to max 100 meters. It will be possible to cut the led strip at every meter, then you can only make films on a regular basis. Example 1m 2m 3m ....50m 51m 52m...max100m. It is not possible to take lengths, e.g., 1.5 m, 1.7 m by 23.8 m...


  • Without specify in the comments the footage, it will be shipped as asingle strip of length equal to the specified amount.



This LED strip 220V can be cut only meter by meter, each of the 120 led, in the spaces used for the cutting, this is where you'll find the interruptions of the led strip, for example if you have a space of 2.5 m, you can cut the strip to 2mt or 3mt, is not measures less than one metre, but only its multiples.



Technical features:





8 W/m

Operating voltage

220-240v AC (no need transformer)


50 - 60 HZ


SMD 2835 LED

Quantity of LED

120 led per meter

Luminous intensity

72 lumens per meter


80 w/m (compared to a halogen)

Temperature light

light Blue 7500k Cold/ 6400k/ Natural 4200k/ Warm 3000k

The beam of light


Color Rendering index

CRI 80



Protection index


Type of installation

See examples above


Cover in silicone, aluminum

Average duration

> 20,000 h

Operating temperature



CE and Rohs

Energy efficiency class


Features Led

Not dimmable



The section of the tube 18x8 mm



Package contents:


  • 1 flexible hose length required
  • 1 cable socket, 220 volt connections within the+connector H for each coil

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