Sensor on / off for LED bars and LED spotlights 12v

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The Sensor on / off for LED bars and LED spotlights 12v is an article very practical for those who want to illuminate shelves, cabinets with locking door.


Just install your lighting choice from the LED Bar strip integrated or mini spotlight 12v inside your cabinet and install the Sensor right on the door.


The Sensor is provided with a crepuscular sensor reverse: in this way, when you open the closet door, the sensor will receive the light and your light will turn on; on the contrary, if the sensor perceives the darkness (door closed), your lighting will remain turned off.



Technical features:



  • Brand: Silamp

  • Maximum power supported: 36w

  • Operating voltage: 12v DC

  • Detection distance: <10cm (recommended to install the sensor in the top corner of the door)

  • Sensor size: 4x2x2 cm

  • Cable length: 1.40 m (ends with a male connection and female connection→ see photo)

  • Compatible productsLED BARS 12V






Package contents:


1 sensor

1 cable 12v









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