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2 Panels, slim Led 60x60 48W white Border Included Driver Led slim

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The led panel Silamp PANEL60x60-WHITE-2pcs with grey frame is a product of the latest generation of the family Comfort Light Low Power, in addition to the feature key in ensuring an important energy saving, represent a technological solution, absolutely innovative in terms of light quality and design. Replace a ceiling light with fluorescent tube with a Led panel Silamp means to enter a new visual dimension made of bright colors, uniformity of light and aesthetic appearance, unmatched, considering also a considerable energy saving.

The led panel SILAMP has a diffuser special opal, which ensures a factor of no glare (UGR<19) that helps to not tire the eyes, therefore it is highly recommended in areas where you spend long periods of time exposed to artificial light such as offices, educational centers, laboratories, kitchens, work areas, precision etc ...

The LED panel SILAMP as supplied, is to replace the old panels recessed in false ceilings in mineral fibre, just remove the old one and apply that to the led to be directly in support of the existing grids, without any additional accessories.

Thanks to its versatility, by using special mounting, you can install the product in suspension, surface-mounted (ceiling), wall or flush mounted (plasterboard, wood, etc ..), at the end of the page you will find a list of our accessories are compatible.






Technical features:





60 w

Input voltage

220-240v AC


50 - 60 HZ

The electric current of input 250 mA
Output voltage 50-75v DC
Electric current output: MAX 600mA



Luminous intensity

4320 lm


600w (compared to a halogen)

Temperature light

choose the light colour among those available

The beam of light


Color Rendering index

CRI 80



Protection index


Type of installation


to a wall sconce or ceiling

flush to the ceiling


aluminium and frosted glass

Color (finish)



translucent white

Average duration

> 20,000 h

Operating temperature



CE and Rohs

Energy efficiency class


Features Led

Not dimmable


60x60x3 cm





Package contents:


  • 2 led panel 60x60 60w
  • 2 driver
  • Fixing accessories are NOT included



Compatible accessories:


Please note that the fixings do not require changes to the panel, as for example by piercing it, as the product would be damaged, also causing breakage of the led, therefore, to use the screws present on the structure of the panel and following the instructions for each accessory in case of doubts or concerns do not hesitate to contact us.


Various ways to install a led panel: (examples of installations instructions)

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