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Motion sensor Infrared motion Detection to turn on lights

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Motion sensor Infrared motion Detection to turn on lights


The motion sensors are devices useful to save energy.

Based on the brightness set, it will be enough to be in the field of view of the sensor, to activate the output, which can drive, for example, a lamp. Very comfortable in closed rooms, such as closets and cellars, where we will not forget the more the light is on. In open areas, to control lights or signal lamps, restricting the operation to a predefined period of time. This is useful in all those situations where you may have your hands tied and it is therefore convenient that the light turns on and off automatically.

This sensor is equipped with a timer variable, to a more attentive on fuel consumption.

The power switch infrared motion sensor and twilight sensor commands to switch on for a longer time or not long, one or more lights according to the brightness level of the environment and to the detection of movements. To be clear, we can consider the interruttorecomposto from two different modules.

In order for the lamp to be turned on via the switch on the ir, it is not sufficient that the environment is dark (as is the case in the simple twilight switch), but it is necessary that the raggioinfrarossi PIR, detects movement. On the switch body infrared there are two adjustments. A for the intensity of the light environment under which the module interruttoreconsente to the module PIR sensor to control the lamp. The other rule the time of ignition of the lamp.

Ability to set the level of the light intensity of the environment to which the device activates.

Technical features:





The field of detection




0.5 w (approximate)

Operating voltage

220-240v AC

110-130V AC


50-60 Hz

Maximum power

800w halogen bulb (220-240v AC )

200w for LED(220-240v AC )

Maximum detection distance

12 metres

Detection speed

0,6-1,5 m/s

Height of installation recommended

1,80-2,50 m

Threshold error

8-7 min

Type of installation

Fix to the wall with supplied screws

Protection index




Color (finish)


Temperature function

from -20°C to +40°C


Package contents:


1 motion sensor