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Motion sensor and Twilight sensor Radar Microwave Motion Sensor Switch Wireless Lighting

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Motion sensor and Twilight sensor Radar Microwave Motion Sensor Switch Wireless Lighting.

This sensor is usually the sensor to infrared, but is the latest technology in Radar where there are no problems of interference and delay time to ignition. It is not necessary to install the sensor to the sensor view because it uses the Radar technology.


Anti-interference and reliability, security, and convenience.
Features of intelligent detection and delay time.
With the control light-sensitive: depending on the intensity of the external light to control the switch and achieve energy savings.
Wide range of applications: it May be used in incandescent lamp (bulb), energy saving lamp, LED light, fluorescent lamp, electronic, exhaust fan and other types of cargo..alarm with sensor radar, activation of specific devices to radar...

Technical specifications:

  • Brand Silamp
  • Operating voltage: 220V AC
  • Power frequency: 50Hz
  • Load power: 1200W (Max., Using the incandescent lamp and apparatus); 300W (max., Using the fluorescent lamp)
  • Operating temperature: -20 ~ 60 degrees Celsius
  • Limit temperature: -35 degrees ~ 75 degrees Celsius
  • Frequency of microwave: ISM 5.8 GHz HF-system : 5.80 GHz Cw Radar, ISM band
  • Power microwave: <10mW
  • Detection distance: 1m ~ 10m (adjustable)
  • Detection delay: 8sec ~ 30min (adjustable)
  • Sensor angle : 360 °
  • Installation: indoor or walls, etc (ceiling mounted)
  • Installation height: 2m ~ 3.5 m (2.5 m suggested)
  • Product weight: 42g / 1,48 ounces
  • Reach : 1-10m (radii.) adjustable
  • time setting: 10 sec to 12min
  • light control : 2-2000lux
  • consumption : approximate 0.9 w
  • For other data, you can check the instructions in the PDF www.silamp.it/userfiles/sensore-radar-istruzioni.pdf

The motion sensors are devices useful to save energy.

Based on the brightness set, it will be enough to be in the field of view of the sensor, to activate the output, which can drive, for example, a lamp. Very comfortable in closed rooms, such as closets and cellars, where we will not forget the more the light is on. In open areas, to control lights or signal lamps, restricting the operation to a predefined period of time. This is useful in all those situations where you may have your hands tied and it is therefore convenient that the light turns on and off automatically.

Technical Features:
Ability to set the level of the light intensity of the environment to which the device activates.
maximum capacity : 1200watt for halogen lamps or luminaires
the maximum flow rate for fluorescent lamps : 300W Max

In the package Contains:

  • a sensor device

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