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Lighthouse led recessed 30w cob along with led drivers included for shop windows

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  • Brand: Silamp
  • Costo di Spedizione: € 7.00
  • Product Model: F64-30W
  • Usually dispatched within: 2 Days
  • Estimated delivery by: Wednesday 02 December 2020
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LED spotlight for exhibitors, window displays and all types of furniture in need of a good interior lighting, in particular for products intended for sale.
Faro a led recessed adjustable rectangular shape for ceiling tiles, white in color.
Power of maximum 30w enclosed in a body, small and easy to install great for replacing old halogen LAMPS.

Technical features:

  • Made of sleek and sturdy aluminium, with frame in white lacquered aluminium and tempered glass screen transparent.
  • Measures : check on the photos
  • temperature light, check from the selection menu
  • SIZE: Watch photos
  • Angle light cone product: 90°
  • Angle adjustability body spotlight: 90°
  • A LED COB long
  • Total power consumption 30w
  • Light output: 2800 LMs about
  • Color temperature control from the menu selection
  • colour rendering: CRI 85
  • Suitable for the replacement of old spotlights HQI SHOWCASE a 70-100W
  • Operating voltage: 220v (thanks to the led driver included in the price)
  • Duration: 30,000 hours
  • Certificate: EEC & Rohs compliant
  • Operating temperature:-20ºC ~ +45ºC
  • Freq. of Funzionamento50-60 Hz

Package contents:

  • 1 LED spotlight


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