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Led surface-mounted luminaire with Sensor 36w Ceiling or Wall, Round Wall, diameter 33cm

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  • Product Model: P36-SEN-24W
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Led surface-mounted luminaire with Sensor 36w Ceiling Wall Round Wall Lamp From ceiling and wall finishing white.

Ceiling light LED with motion sensor 36W is perfect for the maximum optimization of the consumption of energetio.
The radar sensor built-in, which starts lighting automatically when it detects movement within the radius of action.
Its IP44 protection allows you to mount it without problems in the bathroom, in the corridor or in the cellar. The moment it detects a presence, the light turns on.
The scope of the sensor is 8 meters in width and 5 metres in height.
bright and energy-saving.
Great for illuminating homes, offices, shops, bars, pubs...
Technical Features:
  • IP grade: 44
  • temperature light, check from the menu selection
  • Power Consumption: 36W
  • 3600lumens
  • the Base is metal
  • the light diffuser is plastic
  • the total weight of the light 800g
  • To open the speaker, just turn it (unscrew it)
  • Size : Circular diameter 33cm - for other measures, look on the photo
  • Temperature Emitted:< 50 °C
  • Life/Life: >30000 hours average
  • included led driver inside
  • Energy efficiency class : A+
In the package contains:
  • a led surface-mounted luminaire

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