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Led downlight LED downlight 24W round slim white rim diameter 225mm Fi50-24W

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Led downlight LED downlight 24W round slim white rim diameter 225mm Fi50-24W


The led spotlight ROUNDWHITE by 24W by design silm, simple but modern, it is manufactured in high quality aluminum which helps make minimal heat emission and to improve the durability, estimated at around 30.000 hours average lifetime.

Ideal for use in both commercial domestic applications thanks to its diffuser opalescent that does not produce glare or discomfort to the sight but a clear, semidiffusa with an angle of 120°.

With its LED SMD 2835 integrated (non-replaceable), it produces a brightness 2160 lm, equivalent to approx 240W of a traditional lamp, moreover, thanks to its high colour rendering index (CRI) faithfully reproduces the colors.

Easy to install, being very thin, it may be placed in false ceilings with low height, also the spotlight is equipped with two fins, and a recessed and transformer to operate at a voltage of 220-240V AC.

Replace the traditional lighting with the LED involves a considerable saving on the electricity bill, which can reach up to 90%.


This product is also suitable in commercial spaces in which you are engaged in that are many hours in the day as shops, museums, shopping malls, hotels, supermarkets and restaurants, but also in domestic spaces such as livingrooms, kitchens, bedrooms and entrances in these environments, the led spotlight Silamp plays a fundamental role as an element of general lighting.

Technical features:





24 w

Operating voltage

220-240v AC


50 - 60 HZ




2160 lumens


240w (compared to a halogen)

Temperature light

Choose the light colour among those available

The beam of light


Color Rendering index

CRI 80



Protection index


Type of installation

Recessed, false ceiling


PVC, Plexiglass, Aluminum

Color (finish)



Plexiglass opalescent White

Average duration

> 20,000 h

Operating temperature



CE and Rohs

Energy efficiency class


Features Led

Not dimmable


Diameter: 225 mm

Height: 30 mm

Hole for built-in: 210-225 mm





Package contents:

  • 1 LED spotlight
  • 1 transformer LED

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