- Led bulb Filament Edison E27 8W Attack Great big Silamp

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  • Product Model: BUL-8W
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Bulb Edison Led e27 8w big one of the last generation , compact size and aesthetically perfect elegance.
This bulb is the ultimate solution to replace the halogen classic to have the same light and have an energy savings of up to 90%.

  • Glass transparent
  • Led bulb E27
  • warm light - cold light... check through the menu selection option available
  • Measures : check on the photos
  • 230V/50Hz E27
  • Consumes 8watt and sheds light like a light Bulb incandecenza from 80watt about
  • lumens 600
  • The average duration of the leds : >20 000h
  • Version 220v (so you don't need no transformer)
  • 230v ~ 50HZ
  • New product and packaging factory
  • -High quality of the output light of the day
  • - Instant ignition
  • - Very high energy saving
  • -Respects the environment (contain no mercury, emitting no UV rays)
  • -Affordable cost
  • -Aesthetically beautiful
  • -High brightness
  • - Long life (no replacement cost)
  • -Easy to install, suitable for home, office, retail or lighting installation factory
  • -The standard dimensions allow all types of installation
  • Energy efficiency class : A+
In the package contains:
  • No. 1 led light bulb



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