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G9 led lamp 3W g9 light Bulbs, g9 Led bulb new

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  • Product Model: G9-M3-5W
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  • Estimated delivery by: Wednesday 27 January 2021
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G9 led lamp 3W g9 light Bulbs, g9 Led light bulb new, it works on 220v and does not require transformers, simply replace your bulbs today.
Technical features:
  • 220v
  • size check on the photos
  • 3w consumption, light as a 30W
  • temperature light Hot and Cold..check in the menu selection
  • Technical features:
  • Attack type: G9
  • Angle of light: 360°
  • Light output: 360 lumens about
  • g9 led is particularly indicated for bars,clubs,restaurants,hotels,chandeliers for residential use
  • Size of the bulb (look on photo)
  • 1Kw=1000Watt ; 1Watt=0.001 Kw; 1watt Led/1h= 0.001 Kw/1h
  • Energy efficiency class : A+

In the package contains:

  • a light bulb, g9 led


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