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Corner Connector Rail Three-Phase Led Color White Joints

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  • Brand: Silamp
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  • Product Model: A17-
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The connector three-PHASE-WHITE - angle L is used to connect two rails forming an angle of 90°, allowing you to join two straight sections in a manner to make a turn/curve to the left or to the right.

This connector is made of PC material of high quality and highly durable. Incorporates the four copper conductors are required to give continuity to the three independent circuits that incorporates the binary three-phase.

Our three Phase Connectors are compatible with our entire range of track-mounted Led three-PHASE, we do not guarantee the same for products of other brands.

The product complies with the european regulations CE.



  • Color: WHITE
  • Three-phase
  • CE certificate
  • IP20

In the package contains:

  • a connector L angle 90° single-phase


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