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Cable Electric Black Neoprene H05RN-F 3x0.5mm2 SALE by THE METRE

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  • Product Model: CAVO-FE-1METRO
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Cable, Electrical cable, <VDE> H05RN-F 3x0.5 mm2 CCC 60245IEC57 (YZW) 300/500V Black Neoprene for SALE AT the METRO

Electric cable H05RN-F 300/500 V color BLACK, is used for the power supply of portable appliances subject to light mechanical loads: suitable for the installation of fixed or mobile both internal (for example: local, domestic, kitchens, offices, etc) and the outside, such as construction sites or in general environments are not protected.

The product is multi-polar, has a good flexibility and it is produced in the rubber insulation with medium sheath polychloroprene (NEOPRENE), thanks to its structure, has anexcellentresistance to abrasion, oils, ozone, UV rays and chemical agents, it also helps the non-propagation of flames.

It is used in many applications and for portable electrical equipment and lighting and decorations, including commonly some products from home or office such as: iron with ironing board, vacuum cleaner, toaster, fan, radio, air-conditioning or with electric tools commercial, or extension cords.

SILAMP Recommend the use of this product as an EXTENSION CORD of the electrical wiring for our products and the headlights from the outside:



VERY IMPORTANT: The cable is sold per linear meter, in case you want other measures, for example, 10m, need to buy 10 pieces from 1 meter, and insert in notes of the order, a comment like: “ I would like a single piece 10 metres”. In the case of non-communication, the electric cable will be shipped in sections from 1 meter. The maximum length of the coil arrives at 50m








Number of Conductors


Conductor Cross Section

0.5 mm2

Conductive Materials


The coating of the cable




The form handler


Rated Voltage (Uo/U)


Operating temperature

from -25°C to +60°C,


CE, CCC, Rohs


60245 IEC 57 (YZW)


The insulated conductors are twisted together.

Minimum radius of curvature

  • Mobile installation: 6 times the cable diameter
  • Fixed installation: 4 times the cable diameter

Unit of sale

Linear Meter





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