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z Binary led 1.5 m white for spotlights track lighting 230V for LED spotlight

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  • Product Model: BIN-BIANCO-1.5M
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The Binary single-Phase Spotlight LED 1.5 m WHITE allows you to power the spotlights that are placed on it, allowing you to have a single, simultaneous turning on.

The binary Phase you can install to the ceiling by fixing it directly, or suspension through the appropriate steel cables (not included but available on the website), also can be fixed on the wall, vertically.

The Binary single-Phase from 1,5 M is included in both of the cylinder head of the power supply of the terminal (end cap).

In case you need a different extent, in our site you will find connectors like the one in line, at the corner of 90° and "t"

Our Binary single-Phase are compatible with our entire range of Led Spotlights single-PHASE, we cannot guarantee the same for products of other brands.

The Binary single-Phase from 1.5 metres, and is powered directly to 220v/230v.



  • Color: WHITE
  • Single-phase
  • Tested power supply included
  • Terminal included
  • Voltage: 220V - 230V
  • Energy efficiency class : A+
  • CE certificate
  • IP20

Package contents:

  • 1 Binary PHASE 1.5 MT for spot rail LED