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  • Product Model: P20-PANEL30X30-18w
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Led panel Silamp 30x30 Square Led surface-mounted Luminaire led power supply included. Led panels high-quality, the product is guaranteed to work with all the European certificates.

The LED panels Silamp of the latest generation of the family Comfort Light Low Power, in addition to the fundamental characteristic to ensure an important energy saving, represent a technological solution, absolutely innovative in terms of light quality and design.

Panels Comfort Light Low Power are built using the latest generation of LED chips that ensure the uniformity of light, pleasing color and very high energy efficiency.

Replace a ceiling light with fluorescent tube with a panel Comfort Light Low Power means to enter a new visual dimension made of bright colors, uniformity of light and aesthetic appearance and smoothness.



Commercial surfaces. Offices
Hotel Stores
Hospitals Supermarkets
Greenhouses Meeting and conference rooms.
Classrooms Studio lighting photo.





The high brightness.

Savings of up to 50% compared to panels with fluorescent tubes (neon) and 80% than the traditional lights.

Transformer included.

Uniformity of light distribution; no dark.

Duration up to 5 times higher than normal fluorescent tubes.

Elegant Design, ultra-thin.

Simplicity of disposal, are not classified as special waste.

Low temperature operation.

Easily cleanable/sanitisable.



  • And is it possible to install FLUSH-mounted / OR SUSPENSION (you NEED AN ACCESSORY PART, not included)/ WALL SERVES AN ACCESSORY (not included)
  • Power consumption: 12 W (equivalent to 65w)
  • Operating voltage: 176-265 Vac.
  • lighting angle : 120°
  • Degree of protection: IP40.
  • lumens 1400
  • Operating temperature: -10°c~40°c.
  • Size: 300x300mmx30mm
  • cool white light 6400k - warm 3000k and 4200k SELECTION if available


In the package contains:


  • a ceiling light panel Led
  • led power supply
  • not included other accessories for wall-mounting and suspension

Various ways to install a led panel: (examples of installations instructions)


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